Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back to work

As I'd mentioned in a previous post, I kind of let the whole collection thing get in my way far too much. The professional thing would have been to move on and have a billion stories and novels ready while I waited those four years. But, I let things get to me. I was horrified that the people I told would think I was in some way not truthful.

Now, the collection has been out for almost two months. The reviews have been great, the sales have been strong, and I'm thrilled it's over. It'd be nice to get a little more reader feedback, but...

Thing is, it's been very anticlimactic. Basically, I just have another book in my house. I knew it wouldn't change my life, but I guess waiting for as long as I did, I thought I'd enjoy seeing it released more than I have.

So, I spent a couple of weeks in a bit of a free fall, and a couple more focused on deep introspection. I'm ready to get back and give this a strong push.

I'm twelve chapters into my novel. This will be a huge challenge for me. I might not have attended college for a psych degree, and I think the one that I purchased for $29.99 and three proof of purchase from gallon Thunderbird bottles isn't really valid. However, I'm pretty sure I have a touch of the OCD. I've never finished anything unless I finally sat down and erased all I had, then finished the story in one sitting. And yes, this goes for my 13,000 word chapbook that I just had accepted. Talk about a long fucking day.

So, I'm about twenty percent done with the novel. I see rough waters nearing. But, I'm going to try and have this finished by July 31. The first draft. My plan is to pop in here each Sunday and just spout off about how it's going.

To make matters even worse, I woke up yesterday and was closer to 250 pounds than I was to 200 for the first time ever. A buddy of mine decided he'd do the P90X thing with me. Yes, this isn't smart to try these both at the same time, but I feel I have to make up for the time I lost wallowing in self pity about the collection.

Anyways, if you want to feel better about yourself, check in now and again. For if I crash and burn, I promise it'll be spectacular.

Oh, and now for something completely different. Thanks to Lee Thompson, who asked me some questions. I answered them. My wife called me a smart ass.