Friday, May 31, 2013

Fuck this shit

Guess what? I'm angry - there's something new. And you might have been able to tell by the title of the blog. Still, I'm realllllly fucking angry.

I've been a sports dude all my life. I went to college to be a sports writer (yeah, that worked out). I played baseball, football and basketball from a young age. I had season tickets to the Nuggets, the Broncos and the Rockies and watched the CSU Rams football team when they didn't even require a ticket. I love sports.

And here's why - Sports are true drama. Fuck The Voice. Fuck Survivor. Fuck Cameron's Titanic or SVU or CSI - sports are real life. People whose lives depend upon how they perform week after week - if you mess up at your work, is the nation talking about it tomorrow? There's always a chance to be remembered for greatness even if you've been a marginal player - David Terrell or Larry Brown or Bucky fuckin Dent. Or there's chances for great players to go down as goats...and not the Greatest of All Time. Bill Buckner. Jackie Smith.

However, what's wrong with our country today is what's wrong with sport. The rich run everything. Not the smart, because if it just took being smart to be rich, then the bitches that have money wouldn't. It's our corporate culture. And it's wrong.

I took a class in college about the sociology of sports. The theme was sports are a microcosm of society, and it proved true in study after study after study. From racial prejudice to authority figures to pay scale, it's true.

Look at today's scene. Gays are more accepted than ever. Gays are coming out in sports. Minorities are finding more and more success in the top careers in our society. Minorities are getting more and more jobs as coaches and qbs and even GMs - which is the imputus for this blog.

And brings me back to why I'm so pissed off.

Sports are corporations that want it both ways. They want you to be passionate as a fan (customer), but they want you to understand they have to make business decisions. How about this? I don't care about your fucking business. You want me to shovel out a half a week's salary to go to a game, how about you care about what happens on the field/ice/court? How about the Spurs don't sit their stars on the second of a back-to-back to rest them? Why don't we get a discount if the players don't play based on a coach's decision? You still took my fucking money. Tim Duncan can get off his old ass and earn it.

I've put up with a lot of things as a long-time Nuggets fan. To the point that at work, that's kind of how I'm identified. But no more. Fuck you Kroenke. You've exploited workers at Wal-Mart to become one of the 400 richest people in America. Then you got into sports - and every team you own (outside of the Nuggets thanks to the GM you wouldn't pay) sucks. The Avalanche? The Rapids? The Mammoth? The Rams? Man U? They all suck...cuz you think you are entitled to people's money for just showing up.

Today, the Nuggets let the executive of the year go for a salary that equates to about average for what GMs make. He won the three biggest trades in the NBA over the last three years - Melo, Nene and Howard. He drafted Faried and Fournier late in the first round when most players never make a team. It's possible both those guys will start next year. And you told him, the GM who I will not name, he was too expensive.

You also made it clear why I'm done with pro sports (and college isn't far behind, because it's a big-ass corporation, too). I won't give my money to you fuckers anymore.

Fuck you and the really expensive horse you rode in on and then turned into glue when it didn't when the race you wanted. Fuck fucking you.

Fucking seriously,
Sam W. Anderson