Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fashionably Late

So, this is the blog-o-sphere?

Thanks for having me. Nice place you got here. Looks like lots of folks are ahead of me for the food line.

Quite the diverse crowd at that - a few really interesting people, but an awful lot of self-centered assholes. I should fit right in! And if any of the silver's missing afterward, don't blame me.

About myself? Well, I'm married - I can hear the virtual hearts breaking. Also got two of them rugrats - boy and a girl that are just too cute to kill. And I do quite a bit of that writing thing, too. Not as much as I'd like, but enough to keep me out of major trouble (so long as nobody looks in my trunk). Mostly macbre-type stuff, but I'm branching out into trying new things. Got a little mythos I'm working on that seems to be getting a little interest, but not a lot of success yet.

Published? Oh yes. Not enough that you've probably heard of me, but enough to feed the habit. I hear I have a book due shortly, but I've heard that for over a year now. I don't wish to jinx it, but it's apparently in the final editing stages. No, you can't get it at a bookstore, but I'll let you know when and how when it's available. Trust me, I'll let you know.

What's that? You gotta' mingle? Oh that's fine - I'll try to figure out how to work this crowd myself. I'll catch up with you, soon. I'm much more interesting after I relax a little, feel more at home. I'll have much more to say later. After all, I'm full of two things, and one's opinions. I'm sure I'll be back to share some of them before you really care, but share them I will.

Take care.


Kevin Anderson said...

Hey Sam, Wecome to the blog-o-sphere. Well, you joined before I did.

I'll be reading, so be insightful. Say, Hi to the family and save me a copy of that book.

A Different Shade of Reason said...

Kevin! It's great to hear from you...been a long effin' time since Thirteen Stories, eh?

How goes the agent-hunting, eh? I have a call for them, but it's probably inappropriate to post in the interwebs.