Friday, November 28, 2008


As it's the day after the best day of the year, leftovers seem an appropriate subject.

First, for the billions following, sorry I've been a little lax in the blog updates. In my real life, there's this job thing and it thinks it's hot shit cuz it gives me money to support my family. Anywho - I have a certification test coming up on Friday that I've been studying for. Sorry to let you all down, but I won't let priorities get in my way again. Promise.

Next, I'd be remiss if I ignored the election...yes, it's been awhile since I've bloggy-blogged. I don't want to get all political, but thank god the right guy won. I supported Obama from the day he announced his candidacy, volunteered to be a delegate at the county level and even donated. You know that important lint brush they used before his half-hour infomercial...I paid for that.

But being in a marital union of mixed race, it meant something on a personal level. Few white guys, and I'm about as white as you get - even used to sport a mo-lit - can even begin to appreciate what this meant along racial lines. I don't claim any great fountain of wisdom, either. However, having kids with the same racial make-up as the president-elect, I believe I have an appreciation many others can't. I mean, there's not a lot of families that have to deal with a dinner conversation where an eight-year old spouts "You gotta problem with black people? We're sitting right here!" No matter what the racial make up of the family, that's just not a sentence you're prepared me.

Anyway, I have a point, and not just on the top of my head. I kept my boy up on November 4 so he could watch the speech. Personal interjection; Obama + speech = effin genius. So, the boy's watching the speech and spending the majority of the time playing with his transformer. Yeah, he's eight. But a couple of days later he's talking about it because they had a discussion at school. I asked him if he thought it was cool that a black man could be president? He answered, "I already knew that, Dad."

Maybe we're further along than we give us credit for. Until you read the increase in racially-motivated crimes since the election. I hate people.

Finally, writing-wise, two tidbits.

#1 Finished a story last week that I've submitted to a major anthology. I like the story quite a bit technically. I think it's layered and touched on many different themes that the anthology was asking for. But I don't like the story because it's a stereotypical horror ending...the anthology kind of dictated I do it that way, but I'm disappointed I went that route. If I don't get it in the anthology, I'll probably never submit it anywhere again. I'll elaborate more when I get an answer.

#2 Returned quite some time ago from The Lake House. Great weekend. Great to see the guys. Disappointed in no swimsuits, but Alabama was beautiful. And I ate enough fried crap and BBQ to raise my cholesterol 60 points. It was awesome!


John Mantooth said...

Hey Sam,

Great post. I agree with every word. And I'm glad you had fun at the lake. So, is it the mountains next year?


Kevin Anderson said...

Great post Sam. Keep it up. Looking forward to the next one.

A Different Shade of Reason said...

Mantooth, I'll be talking to my brother in law over the holidays to see if we can work it. But I'm thinking probably. At the very least, it's highly motivating to have a story due and face the rest of the group...I don't want to be the schlub that ain't completed their assignment.