Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The sports crap blog entry

Okay, all Hell's broken loose in Gaza, we're bringing in a new president, economic woes abound, but in my shallow life, the sports world's been rocked lately.

First - Shanahan being fired. Can't say I argue too much with it. I think he's a Hall of Fame coach, but things weren't clicking anymore. I have friends argue about how good the offense was despite losing seven running backs, but two facts remain: He presided over a collapse of historic proportion and has won only one playoff game since Elway retired.

Who's the next coach? Spags from the Giants probably. Wouldn't be shocked to see some Marty ball in Denver, though. Assuming it's not the latter, I think whoever gets the job is merely keeping the seat warm until Kubiak's contract runs out in Houston. Yeah, I said it.

Second - Carmelo's injury is freaking huge. The Nuggets are jinxed. I could see them competing this year, but a long-term injury to your best player is too much to overcome. I think they'll be competitive for a few games, but by the time he comes back, they'll lose their identity. I thought they had a legitimate chance to be a top two seed in the west this year. Right now, I think they sneak into the playoffs again. It's a crushing blow.

I don't have a third.

Writing - I finished a story that's crap and I'm trying to turn it into something. But I've written pretty consistently since last post. That's the main step...produce, then worry.

This song is over, thought I had something more to say.

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