Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello darkness, my old friend

Anybody who follows this blog, God bless ya...cuz you're some patient mother fuggers.

Yes, I've been neglectful of my duties again. I suck. But I make these promises to myself and I kind of keep them. I wasn't going to post until I finished my chapbook. So, it's done. Took a lot longer than it should have, but honestly, I needed that time to do it right. I'm screwed in the head, and it's the way I work. But, the good news is, "The Unusual Events of a Saturday Afternoon at Big K's Truck Stop and Fine Dining Emporium - A Money Run Tale" is done and will be out later this year from Sideshow Press.

So, what else has happened for me? Well, I had my story "Son of...a Bitch" accepted by the Horror Writers Association anthology, BLOOD LITE II: OVERBITE.

And then the immensely talented Jeff Strand said some nice things about my upcoming collection POSTCARDS FROM PURGATORY. Anybody interested in checking out a really well-written, truly disturbing book, should seek out Mr. Strand's PRESSURE. Probably the most disturbing book I've read since THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. He's also got a bunch of new stuff out that I look forward to picking up.

As for Mr. Strand's review, I kinda thought "Tossing Butch, Saving Theodore" was a deep story about family relationships and finding a sense of belonging. However, there is a lot of laxitives and midget tossing going on.

More about PFP, dropping on or about April 26 - cover and some art by Tom Moran.


Erik Williams said...

First, welcome back to the blogosphere. We weren't really sure you were ever here but we're glad to know you're back.

Two, I think you need a longer title for the chapbook. Can you add, say, three more words? Maybe "and who's Petra?" at the end?

Finally, damn that's a fine cover compared to that other one which won't be mentioned again. But I thought you had a clause that required bat wings. Am I wrong?

A Different Shade of Reason said...

Thanks, Erik. I missed you, too.

And this cover has bat wings, they're just smaller.

Erik Williams said...

Seriously, though, congrats. It's been a long time coming. Been a hell of a year or so for you. Keep it up.