Thursday, April 29, 2010

The mailman has finally delivered!

After five years, and now on it's third publisher, the once mythical, now really truly here, POSTCARDS FROM PURGATORY has been released. Okay, it might not have been as bad as Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy, or John Skipp's Mondo Zombie, but it's been quite the journey.

I'm part elated, part vindicated, part just effin tired.

I'm really glad it's here. It's been like an albatross. Well, I let it become one, anyway. I'm very proud of it, but it's very much a time to move on for me as a writer.

Anyway, please buy it...PLEASE


Erik Williams said...

I know that feeling, Sam. Of course, I haven't gone through the same struggles that you have with this one so I know it's a sweeter pill. Enjoy it, mi amigo. And finish the novel already.

Lee Thompson said...

Woot! I should get my copy in the mail any day now!