Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fine! I'm back already - sheesh

Where have I been? Wouldn't you like to know! Actually, probably not.

It's a long story, but...

I'd began on my novel in earnest in April and decided I wasn't doing anything else until I managed to finish it - for good or for bad. So guess what? I'm blogging, huh? So that means...with the novel?

Yeah, that's not done. I anticipated the jump from short stories to novels would be difficult and a long process. I just underestimated the long part. The good news, I'm unusually happy with what I have down so far. Typically, I hate everything I write until like the sixty-fifth draft - then I'm just so tired of it, I have no opinion.

However, I've had another opportunity come up to where I've had to put aside the novel for a bit. I'm back to the usual process of hating the work (being the new project), but slowly it's getting there. I'll update on that in the future.

Anyways, I've found something odd about this blog thing. Sometimes people read these. Imagine that. And I attended KillerCon in Las Vegas this past weekend and got quite a bit of flack for my cyber-absence. All along I've thought I don't have much to say or share, but on the plane ride home, I realized I actually do have quite a bit of news. So, I'll be sharing that over the next week or so. Yeah, I'm a tease.


Erik Williams said...

About friggin' time you lazy bastard.

Erik Williams said...

Also, I want to be known as the guy who posts regulary on the Sam W. Anderson blog. I want it in my bio!

A Different Shade of Reason said...

Bio? Hell, you should be putting it on your damn resume'.