Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Now, some good news

I'm glad to announce that my previously mentioned collection, POSTCARDS FROM PURGATORY, has been sold (again) to Sideshow Press. Presale begins about January and the collection should finally see the light of day around June of 2010.

The original and reprinted art of Russell Dickerson will still be included, along with new art from Tom Moran, and a new cover - which might be the best news of all. It's been expanded to sixteen stories, including the first three Money Run stories - "Of Lot Lizards, Love and Money," "Degrees of Persuasion" (my personal favorite), and "Tossing Butch, Saving Theodore." I hate to brag, but I think "Tossing Butch..." might be the most important story in the history of the gay midget tossing genre. The collection will also include an updated introduction by Thomas Tessier, which is a huge ego boost for me - like I need that.

More details to follow... (Oh, the drama!)

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